MRPC manufactures parts for long-term implantable medical devices used for neuromodulation. These devices can include neural stimulators to treat and regulate movement disorders, or medication delivery pumps for pain management.

MRPC’s expertise in the technology and materials used for cardiac rhythm devices (such as pacing leads for pacemakers) translates well to our capabilities to produce neuromodulation products. These small to micro-molded components require exceptional engineering and molding experience. Our small precision presses create accurate, repeatable molded silicone and thermoplastic parts weighing less than one gram.

We utilize our certified Class 7 clean room to produce long-term implantable components using a variety of materials, including LSR, HCR silicone and PEEK. MRPC also excels in two-material processes, such as over-molding silicone to PEEK. All neuromodulation products receive full inspection for quality assurance and compliance.


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