From simple, rapid prototype tools to complex production tools, MRPC delivers top-quality injection molds quickly and reliably. Using high-speed CNC equipment and strong project management, our in-house tooling center offers flexibility and responsiveness to get you to market faster. Our Asian joint venture partners offer additional capacity to ensure low-cost solutions.

Throughout the tool design, fabrication and sampling phases, we offer project updates with regular progress charts and digital photographs. MRPC mold making capabilities give you confidence, control and results.

Tooling Transfers

With our nimble in-house tool center, strong engineering team and persistence, MRPC has a long history of seamless and successful tooling transfers. We use a proven four-step process of relocating mold tools:

  1. We consult extensively with the customer to review specifications and plan the transfer schedule and logistics before the transfer.
  2. After receiving the tools, we promptly provide a thorough, photo-filled inspection report of tooling conditions and recommendations.
  3. If necessary, we make repairs or adaptations before the tooling is sampled.
  4. After sampling we submit part samples, a first-article inspection report and a comprehensive parts-and-tooling summary of observations.

Low-Cost Regional Partners

MRPC’s expansive reach allows for cost-effective solutions, bringing your products to market faster. Our strategic joint venture partnerships in China and Malaysia offer you competitive advantages of speed, quality and technical expertise.

Our Asian partners have short lead times on design and engineering, tooling, molding and assembly. Their robust systems and weekly progress reports ensure projects proceed smoothly from start to finish. MRPC can reduce your logistics pain in deciding what to produce where with multiple sourcing options, hard numbers and objective insights to help you make informed decisions.


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